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Printed Pants!

A major must-have this summer: printed pants! Printed pants are so bold and original, they definitely stand out in the crowd! They are super cute, and a major fashion trend this summer! They come in so many prints and designs you can choose from. The designs can add a flair to any outfit, and I love how by pairing these bold pants with a plain tee you can look amazing!

I just got this pair from Aeropostale!


I heart the fun print on the sides, they are absolutely summer-perfect! This isn’t a full-out printed pant, so this is more understated than other pants but are still so bold! I wear this all the time with  (mostly blue and white) solid color fashion shirts, and I get a lot of compliments!


This is just a full-out colorful jegging that I am in love with! It works for both spring AND summer, in case summer hasn’t come yet for you guys. The bright colors just scream to me, and I think it’s one of the coolest and cutest pants I’ve ever seen! This is also from Aeropostale!

Delia’s also has some fab printed pants, like this Multi-Color Cheetah Legging!


This is still bold but a bit lighter, almost like grey pants but with a fun print. You can definitely pair this with a bright top since the color is low-key.

This summer, galaxy print is BIG. Available for shirts and shorts, this print is seriously everywhere! A lot of celebs have been wearing this print, and pairing these leggings from Pacsun with a flowy solid-color tee looks super fun!


If you don’t have a pair of printed pants, buying them is a must-have for summer! Fun, cute, and bold, printed pants are the way to go!

However, these come with a warning label not seen to most shoppers: these pants are extreme. You can either look extremely fabulous or extremely… overdone and weird. The key to wearing printed pants? Go for a plain shirt! Don’t over-do it by wearing colorful printed pants with a multi-color shirt or a graphic t-shirt — the result is a ‘whoa’ and not in a good way! Instead, go for a shirt with no more than two colors that match the pants. Lighter colors are better to tone your shirt down, and you can choose any style you like. I recommend flowy blouses and lace shirts. Once you’ve got what to pair with these bold pants down, you’re good to go!

And here’s a few tips when wearing a bold outfit with printed pants:

– For shoes, opt for the wedge, sandal, or Converse. Flats are cute, but also in the past! Wedges give the look a more professional look, sandals make it look more summery, and Converse just look plain awesome!

– For accessories, definitely go for a chunkier and bigger necklace with a watch and tons of bracelets! Pile them up, the more and bigger the better! Just make sure that the colors don’t clash- choose a simple color, like gold or silver.

– Hair style? Definitely down and curly! This summer is all about the curls, so bring out those wands for luscious locks!

– And finally, makeup. No question about it: bright lips and light eyes create a killer combination!

I hope you guys liked this post! When I first wore printed pants, I wasn’t aware of a lot of this stuff, so I wanted to let you guys know!

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Fashion Advice/ Book Column?

Hi everyone! I decided to run a poll about what I should do here on Express Yourself! I was thinking that there should be a fashion advice column, where you, the readers, can ask me questions about fashion/beauty and I can respond! You could e-mail me to my blog e-mail and if you want, I could make it private or public.

I am also a writer, and I previously wrote several CCA books which I posted, and I got a positive response. Should I create a page to post my books once again?

Please vote by June 20th!

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DIY Flip-Flop Fun

Hi guys, sorry for not posting! I went on vacation for a few days and it was awesome! Anyways, I wanted to do a DIY today because I always like to customize and take something ordinary and turn it into the cute accessory that is totally in WITHOUT the big price tag. Since it’s summer, I decided to show you guys a super-cheap way to add flair to any old pair of flip flops by using the ribbon method! There are also a lot more out there, but this one is super-popular and I think is cute!


-A pair of flip flops that are cheap


– Super Glue (NOT a glue stick)

First, choose a pretty ribbon of your choice (preferrably wide to wrap around the flip-flop straps). You can even choose two ribbons and braid them together for a fun look! Then measure the length of both flip-flop straps combined and cut that length from the ribbon. Now use liquid glue and squeeze a small line down both flip-flop straps. Use your finger to spread it all over the straps to hold the fabric in place.  Find the middle mark of the ribbon/fabric, tie it around where the two straps meet, and work your way up while wrapping the straps. You now have fun and bold flip-flop straps!


However, if you want to go even bolder, try this:

Wait until glue is dry, then cut two long pieces of ribbon. Glue each ribbon to the end of separate flip-flop straps, and wrap the ribbon loosely around your ankle (you will need to wear the flip-flops) and let them cross over as the ribbon ends, and then tie. Step out of your flip-flop, and you’re done!

summer straps


And that is how to easily add fun to your flip-flops for almost no price at all! I hope you guys liked this post! Please comment, follow, and e-mail me (contact info in the sidebar)! What kind of post do you guys want me to do next?!




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Summer Shoes

Summer, for most of us, is officially here! And that brings in new shoes for the beach, a casual stroll,  or for a more formal occasion. Here are the three kinds of shoes that are trending this summer:

1. Sandals, of course! Perfect for a casual outing, the perfect pair of sandals can make the outfit. When buying sandals, grab a pretty pastel color or a solid black to go with anything. Little ankle buckles and studded sandals are so cute and  add a flair to a casual outfit.


This is a sandal from Steve Madden (don’t worry, it’s on sale right now at fifty) but if you’re looking for a less expensive option, try Kohl’s for some cheap yet fun sandals.

2. Converse are so rocking it this year! Even during summer, Converse are super popular. Going to a concert or an amusement park/fair/carnival with your friends? Converse is so the way to go! They’re simple but cute, and you can even make your own pair at their website! The best part about these? You can get them cheap through Macy’s or Target. For the riders: Converse are perfect to use after riding to go from a riding-look to a casual-look, or even any other sport.


3. Flip flops, duh, a no-brainer. Every summer, you must buy yourself a pair of flip-flops. Black is so out right now- instead go for a bold color/printed flip-flop! I actually bought these from Vera Bradley (disclaimer: bought them with my own money) and they are on sale right now (so I got them cheap!) and make my outfits more fun! I love them to pieces!



Wedges and other kinds of heels are still in this summer, but these three picks are at the top of the list!

What do you guys think? I was thinking of a ‘what-to-wear-to-a-concert’ or ‘beach fashion’.


An Additional Note: I’ve noticed quite a few viewers being linked to this post! This is actually from Summer/Spring 2013, you guys can refer back to home to view Summer/Spring 2014!


Summer Beauty Must-Haves

It’s finally summer! Warm weather and no school equals: beach, smoothies, ice-cream, and of course, summer beauty products! I decided to do a summer must-have beauty blog, with products that I have used and recommend for all of you to use this summer!



Sometimes the weather outside is so hot that any makeup will run, so I use Baby Lips. They are so soft, and are a crossover between a moisturizing lip balm and a lip gloss. If you’re looking for a pop of color while moisturizing your lips, I totally recommend Baby Lips! Plus, they come in so many amazing scents!



This is a lip gloss I got from LUSH, a new but popular beauty and cosmetics store. It has a glossy and pink look without the sticky feel, which I get a lot with most lip glosses. It comes in a cute circular package that’s small, so you can take it anywhere. They come in other scents as well!



I also got this product from LUSH. It’s a lip exfoliator, and smells amazing! You take a pea-sized amount from the cute clear jar and apply on your lips. You then scrub on your lips and lick off! I know the lick-off part sounds skeptical, but they are 100% safe and taste really good!



This is the inside of the same product.



Sunscreen is such a must during the summer! I use this Neutrogena sunscreen, and I use it for going outdoors. You just spray it on easily, and it isn’t sticky like other sunscreens.



A lot of people have been talking about Body Butter (available at The Body Shop) so I decided to try it out. It’s almost like a lotion and a scrub, and you rub it on and use a round brush to rub it into your skin. It feels AMAZING and smells even better! It keeps your skin healthy and moisturized for summer, and I prefer it over lotion. I am a giant fan of the mango.



This is the brush I use when applying the Body Butter. You can use this one or any other kind of body brush.


So that was my summer must-have list! I decided to do the very basics. Comment if you think I should do a makeup-must haves or a summer clothing haul!

Coming up next: Purse Perfect. Items and ideas to fit everything in your purse or your beach bag!



I’m Back

You might know me from my previous site, Fashion Frenzy. I’m Nora, the author of that, now deleted, site. I had to force myself to delete something I was so proud of. I left the blogging world for a few months. 

But now? It’s summer, and I feel that I can free up my time to keep an new blog running. The news for today? I’m back.

I’m back with my new site: Fashion: Express Yourself. All about fashion and beauty, and I promise I will try to blog as often as I can to make up for days I will miss during the school year. This is a fresh start.