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Back to School #1: The Uniform, plus the New Look!

Hey guys! I decided to change up the blog a little, because I felt things were getting a little boring and I totally love this theme! I hope you guys like! I felt bored and I think this theme is so fun, so tell me what you think in the comment box below!

I apologize for not blogging in like, twenty days! Omigod, I’m so sorry you guys! I was just super busy, and on top of that our Internet hasn’t been that great, so I’ll get to blog when I can! Anyways, moving on, I can’t believe school is starting soon. For me, I start August 14th, so very, very soon! Tell me when you guys start.

So anyways, because school is coming up, I’ve decided to do a whole back-to-school series. It’ll technically be a series of posts that talk about back to school fashion, supplies, looks, and so on! I’ll also be keeping up with other kind of posts, like Monthly Favorites and new fashion trend alerts, but be sure to look for the Back to School series in your email! 

Speaking of email, go ahead and subscribe by entering your email, so you can receive notifications of my new posts via email. That way, you know when I post and when to check this blog out! Okay, now moving on to the first Back to School post:

The Uniform!

Okay, for those of you who have a *sighs* uniform like me, then this is the ultimate survival guide. I have tips and accessory-related ideas so you can jazz up your uniform without breaking the rules. 


Most schools don’t have any rules against certain shoes, so I recommend rocking a pair of fun, bold sneakers! Don’t forget that a pair of loud sneakers with fun socks can make any boring outfit fun. I always go for the Converse, but Toms and any other high-tops work to. 



Socks come in literally every color of the rainbow, plus they range from knee-high to ankle-crop, and even tights! I recently discovered the most amazing sock site ever, Sock Dreams. They only sell online, but the socks are so colorful that it’s totally worth ordering!


A major new trend coming this fall is a pair of below-the-knee socks with a pair of sneakers. It looks cute and totally appropriate for class!


The easiest way to go is to accessorize! Statement necklaces, arm candy, and earrings can scream fun and still express your own style. You can find a lot of cheap jewelry at Forever 21, Target, and so many other places. The major fall trend with jewelry is to stack up! The more, the better!

I put together a small picture collage of different combinations for your wrists. You can layer yarn, elastic, and studded bracelets, and even put a watch between them. Never underestimate the power of stacking a ton of bracelets. I got these bracelets from Forever 21, Charming Charlie’s, and C Wonder.



For statement necklaces, I always find myself at Forever 21. These are all necklaces from Forever 21 that I am so in love with. The colors will definitely pop if you have to wear duller colors for your uniform. Don’t forget that you can also layer thinner necklaces with these chunky ones, for an even more playful look.




I find that these two tips work even if you don’t wear uniform- these are styles that will and promise to be big trends this fall! I hope you guys enjoyed the first post of my Back to School series! Tell me what you think in the comment box, and please like! 



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All About…. Hats! *important announcement*

First off, I wanted to say I’m really happy that a lot of you guys liked my previous monthly fave post, if you haven’t read it, go check it out! I think that I’ll definitely continue to do those. Lately I noticed a very big trend, that you see on celebs and just walking down the street. Snapback hats and fedoras!

Why? Because they’re an easy accessory to add to any outfit, plus, they help cover your hair if you’re having a bad frizz day! Snapbacks and fedoras come in cute designs, plus they’re perfect for a day in the sun. I’m going to show you guys some fun snapbacks and fedoras, and talk a little bit more about them.

Snapback hats normally have baseball team logos on the top and are very boy-ish. I looked through a lot of stores before finding some girly and fun ones: Pacsun! For those of you who have never gone to Pacsun, it’s basically a clothing store with AMAZING snapbacks! 



This insanely fun snapback by Vans is funky and fun! The tie-die effect is super cool, and the shade of blue is light against the brown. If you dress more loud and fun, then this hat is totally perfection!


This snapback by Neff is definitely more on the girly side. The light, floral print is simple but cute, and could go with almost any outfit. This is definitely summery and has more of a peppy look to it than the other snapbacks.


And finally, the last snapback which is also by Neff! This tribal print is so fun and edgy, the hat definitely is loud! The bright patterns, the colors, it all screams “fun and funky!”. I have a hat similar to this, and if I feel that my outfit is a bit to simple, I toss it on and my look is totally transformed.

Now moving away from snapbacks, I want to focus on fedoras! Fedoras are so popular because of the flirty edge to the way they’re cut, and it’s almost a crossover between a sunhat and a snapback. I’m going to show you guys some different styles!


This Techniclolor Banded Fedora is from Forever 21. I love how simple the actual hat is, and how the band is so colorful and definitely pops! This is a fun hat that definitely borders on edgy!



This hat from Charlotte Russe is for all you girly-girls out there! The creamy straw screams light, and the adorable pink flower band screams girly. The perfect, light touch to any outfit!

That was all about hats! I hoped you guys like! Comment with links to your favorite hats, or tell me which was your fave!

And now, an important announcement…

A poll was taken a while ago of improvements I should make to the site, and putting my book on here was a definite win! So as of July 12th, the first chapter will be up and running!



June Favorites!

Sorry I haven’t blogged lately, I’ve been working on ideas for a while! I decided to do monthly favorites from now on! I’ll technically talk about what beauty products, clothing items, and other random things I was obsessed with and give a review on them. I think this will be a great way to show you guys some awesome products that you should try out!



Maybelline’s Waterproof Great Lash mascara is definitely still my favorite mascara for summer! I’ve tried out other waterproof mascaras such as Covergirl, but this is the best! If you go to a lot of pool parties or if you’re heading down to the beach, this is perfect. It gives your lashes a lot of volume, and it doesn’t clump. I’ve swam with this on, and nothing ran! This is the PERFECT summer mascara!

juicy lip balm

The Wet ‘N Wild Juicy Lip Balm is a product I’ve been using all June! It smells AMAZING, and if you like Baby Lips, this is a second heaven! It’s less expensive and contains SPF15, perfect for summer. My lips are always dry come summertime, and this lip balm not only comes in a cute package, but works really well for a glossy, colored shine!


This might sound skeptical, but the Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Blush is amazing. You just apply like you normally do  from this cute pot, and it gives you a hint of color and also hydrates your skin. This blush gives you a highlighting color and is really light for summer! I got mine at Sephora for a cheap price.


Clothing and fashion-wise I’ve been majorly obsessed with one accessory: BELTS! And more importantly, this one from Aeropostale!


The pink color is so vibrant and the jewels totally make it pop! I’ve been wearing it a lot, and I think it’s gorgeous. I wear it with almost everything I wear, and I’ve been obsessed with stacking other belts with this as well.

And, you might already have guessed, my Brandy Melville cardigan! It’s super light, soft, amazing, and I wear it to the beach ALL THE TIME. Thank you Brandy Melville for making these, because I literally toss it on everywhere!



Of course, the non-fashion or beauty product things that I am still obsessed with. For some reason, I am burning a LOT of candles, and I have one on my desk, in my closet, and on my nightstand. I found the most amazing smell ever- Caribbean Escape! It’s a very light and summery scent, and the candle color is so pretty. Whenever I have it burning, I feel more relaxed and calm.

carribbean escape


I’ve been going to Starbucks a lot recently, and I’ve heard a lot about the Vanilla Bean frap with Raspberry, and I finally tried it. I totally am in love with it, every time I go I get this! It’s so fruity and creamy and just plain summer-awesome! Everyone calls it the cotton candy frap because it seriously tastes like cotton candy! ❤

starbucks cotton candy frap


Okay, and now my absolute favorite song: Slow Down by Selena Gomez! I also am getting re-obsessed with Can’t Hold Us, and We Can’t stop is catchy.




What are some of your June favorites? Did you like the monthly favorite idea, should I do it again? Don’t forget that the fashion advice column is still open!



Sunglass Style!

I have been obsessed with tons of summer accessories, and sunglasses are a giant must for summer! I’m going to include a DIY in this post as well that I actually did, so I hope you guys try it out!

First off, even if you are going to DIY your sunglasses, you need a cute, inexpensive pair! There are a lot of looks you can go for with sunglasses, so I created categories with different pairs.

1. Simple

If you don’t like donning a pair of bold sunglasses, there are still a lot of simple yet cute ones! For instance, take this pair from Claire’s. It’s a solid-color, retro-rubber sunglass, but by choosing a cute color like the lime green, the color stands out. Plus, not only are they durable, but they are totally affordable!

a cool glass

2. Oversized

A big thing this summer are the oversized sunglasses, very Audrey Hepburn! If you’re trendy and like to stay with current styles, then go for this pair. It’s from Rue21, another favorite store of mine, and the black keeps it simple and the tinted purple adds a cute flair!

a heatwave glass

3. Retro and Funky

Sunglasses that are in style but have fun little touches, like rhinestones or glitter. I saw this pair of studded cat-eye sunglasses from Forever 21 and fell in love. The studs are just so cute, and they are a totally chic touch to any normal outfit.

a cat

4. Fun and Printed!

I am definitely in this category! I love fun, printed, and colorful sunglasses! Floral, zebra, cheetah, all of the prints and colors are endless. This is a pair from Charlotte Russe. I love the color and design, the black lines outlining the design adds more of a simple touch. The pink lenses are also amazing, and I really love everything about this pair!

Sorry, the image won’t upload so here’s the link:

DIY project!

Even though I found a lot of inexpensive sunglasses, sometimes finding the perfect pair for little money is hard. I found a really cool way to create a pair of fun printed sunglasses. All you need is:

-A simple inexpensive sunglass (choose the color you want for the design base)

-A stencil with your favorite design

-Spray paint, you can choose multiple colors if you want

-Duct tape

1. Cover the areas of the sunglasses that you DON’T want painted with the duct tape.

2. Carefully tape down the stencil wherever you want the pattern.

3. Using the spray paint, carefully spray on the stencil.

4. Wait five minutes, then remove the stencil. The look is a cool, colorful pattern!

5. Repeat until the areas you want patterns on are done.

See? A super easy DIY! And there are so many other ways!

Comment and tell me if you try this DIY!



Fourth of July: Outfits and More!

Hi guys! First off, I am so, so, so sorry for not blogging in forever! I’ve been so busy with online classes, volunteering, summer camps, and friends that’s it’s been really hard to blog lately. But now I’m going to try and squeeze in more time for blogging, so I thought I’d do a Fourth of July post today!

This Fourth of July, I feel there’s way more activities and festivities, considering last summer there were a LOT of water bans! But not this year, thank goodness 🙂 Me and my family already went out and got tons of fireworks, so this should be an awesome Fourth of July!

So whether chilling at home or going to a party, dressing up for the Fourth of July can be super easy and cute! I have three categories with inexpensive clothing items for each category.

1- Beach!

I know a lot of my friends go down to the beach for fireworks and the ocean, so an easy way to dress up is by wearing a red, white, or blue swimming suit. You could even wear a red top and a white bottom, and mix and match! These colors you probably already have, so it costs no money at all!

But if you have some spare cash you can spend, this swimming outfit is totally cool:


It’s from Target, which is the best place ever to get cute and cheap clothes! Check out this swimsuit by looking at the embedded link above.

If it’s getting chilly at the beach and you’re staying late, a cardigan or a jacket is a must. Just a plain white jacket or a blue one can pull your whole outfit together. Check out Brandy Mellville for loose and slouchy cardigans of which I am obsessed with right now!


2- The More Dressy Party

If you’re invited over for a more dressy or formal party, you’re going to want to look festive but still stick to the dress code. If you don’t want to spend any money, just pairing a white dress with killer red heels can look festive enough, and you can even add a cardigan on top if the party isn’t formal-formal.

But if you’re looking for more of a fun yet professional look, this fitting Americana sundress from Charlotte Russe is perfect (could not upload picture, sorry about that!). Plus, by pairing some sunglasses and wedges to the dress, you can look a bit more on the formal side.

Or, of course, the black-and-white pants with the top! These black and white pants are from Forever 21.

a high

And what perfect to pair it with then this ADORABLE Ain’t That America tank from Altar’d State!

aint it america

Don’t forget: a pair of dressy heels and a clutch can make any outfit more dressy!

3- Casual Fireworks

Even if you’re just going out to the mall and then watching the fireworks with your family, looking the part is fun! Just pairing red shorts with a white tank or donning some red sneakers can make the outfit.

I found these adorable shorts from Delia’s that are totally in the spirit, and the faded denim helps to tone the look down a little. Take note that a pair of screaming (like a super-fun print) with a busy shirt is a major NO. To check out more advice on pairing loud, colorful shorts with shirts and nailing the look, refer to my previous post, Printed Pants!



And finally, any muscle tee can do, but I am in L-O-V-E with this casual tank from Delia’s as well!

i heart



And since this is more of a fun look, stacking up tons of bracelets is totally fun, and don’t forget a pair of cool shades and a snapback hat! I actually purchased this fun fedora from Forever 21 and I wear it everywhere!

a fedora!

There you have it, three functional outfits for the Fourth of July! You can mix up your normal wardrobe for a fun outfit, and you don’t have to break your banks. I thought I’d share with you guys my Fourth of July outfit: blue and white striped high waisted shorts with the Delia’s heart tee I showed you guys, plus my fedora and red converse!

What’s your Fourth of July outfit? Comment below with links to at least one clothing item and I’ll give you a shoutout! Don’t forget to add your blog address!

In case you guys haven’t noticed, I am in a major obsession with Target, Charlotte Russe, Brandy Melville, and Delia’s, so those are summer-must stores for you guys to check out! By the way, fashion advice is back!

If you have a fashion advice problem or just a question, just e-mail me at ! Please include in the e-mail whether you would like me to share my question and response publicly or keep it private. The whole reason for this is so I can help out my readers, and I’m looking forward to that! Don’t be shy!

Don’t forget to please like, follow, and comment! I know this is a long post, but a heads-up: I’m going to be sharing with you guys my Pinterest and my Polyvore with you soon, so stay tuned!