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July Favorites!

It’s officially August! Whoa, seriously, where did July go? Now going into the month of August, it’s time to do yet another monthly favorites! I did a June favorites last month, and I received a very positive response, so I decided to go ahead and do a July favorites. I’ll list my favorites in the month of July in different categories, fashion and non-fashion related.

A side note: some pictures I took myself, others I didn’t because I threw away the products because they were totally empty!

Beauty Products

It’s been so hot this summer, and for my hair, hot equals a perfect blowout totally ruined. My hair is very fine, and very few hairsprays manage to keep it in place without damaging it. Recently, I discovered this ENJOY super hold hair spray. It’s a subset of the Moroccan Oil shampoo line, and it holds so well! After spraying, I run a brush through my hair if I can without ruining my hairstyle, to spread out the hairspray and avoid crunchy, hard hair.

This is definitely a more expensive hair spray, but it is totally worth it.


I realize that for last month I didn’t put down a favorite nail polish, but this month I used Essie’s Turquoise & Caicos so much that it’s totally out as of now. The blue color is so pretty, and the brush on this bottle was smaller, and I found that easier if you have smaller nails.


I have another beauty favorite, a lipstick from Maybelline. This is the Fuchsia Flash color, and let’s just take a moment to admire that KILLER shade of pink! This lipstick totally makes my lips pop, and it smooths right on, and unlike other lipsticks, when taking it off, it doesn’t make my lips dry or crack, so there’s no need for a lip balm. This shade is perfect for a pop of color this summer!


I also have a favorite scent of the month! This time, it wasn’t from Bath & Body Works as the usual. Instead, it was the Coach Poppyseed fragrance by Coach. I got this a while ago, but didn’t start using it as much until now. I love how feminine it smells, without an overpowering flowery scent.  Plus, it comes in a cute bottle!



So now moving on to fashion-related favorites! It is so hot during summer, no doubt, so I always shift towards flow-y, graphic tees that you can easily pair with leggings, jeans, or shorts. Lately I discovered an amazing tee line at Brandy Melville! In my previous favorites, I included a Brandy Melville cardigan, and now I’m obsessed especially with this tee. The moon pattern is so cute and this shirt goes with absolutely anything. I sometimes even toss on a colorful short-sleeve tee underneath for a pop of color!


One other fashion favorite has to do with shoes.  Lately, I’ve been majorly obsessed with Converse! It’s a condition I cannot help- I just wear them everywhere and take pictures of them and so forth. I mean, they look so cute with skinny jeans!

go con


So now onto the random things in life! I don’t have a candle favorites this month, because believe it or not, I’m not so into them anymore. However, I do have a food favorite! I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes I sleep through breakfast, and while running out the door during lunchtime, I find myself grabbing the mini Oreo packs. I know it’s so unhealthy, but they are super good, and help give me something to snack on!



My beverage favorite of July is…. snow cones! Probably the most amazing thing ever. I recently got a snow cone machine from Target, and have gone snow-cone crazy! I’ve been making so many, that I think I need help. The syrups come in so many flavors, but I almost collapsed right then and there in Target when I found a cotton candy one! Obsessed? Understatement.



And now onto my favorite songs for this month!

So I totally got into the whole exploring different artists from what I normally listen to mood, so I was really into Here’s to Never Growing Up by Arvil, and even though it’s a while ago, I still love the song! Another great one was Best Song Ever by 1D, awesomeness, and the video is hilarious! I also got into the Jay-Z spirit and listened to his new Holy Grail album, which is pretty awesome. And of course, I had to have some slow songs in the mix, so hello Bruno! I was totally singing to ‘When I Was Your Man’ like 24-7!

And this time, I actually have a few app favorites! I’ve been into finding funny pics and pranks on Pinterest whenever I get bored, which is very often! And if I’m in the game mood, I always play either Dumb Ways to Die or the Moron Test.

So that was my July favorites! I hope you guys liked as much as the June one!

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-Nora ❤