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October Favorites 2013!

Hey guys! So I’ve done two or three posts like this- technically a monthly favorites where I tell you all what I’ve been loving this month. I personally love doing these, because I like seeing what other people are into, and also this is great if you’re looking for any recommendations. I received a very positive response, so I decided to go ahead and do an October Favorites.

Yes, it’s seriously November. I was like what? Honestly, that went by so incredibly fast! But October also meant officially fall, which in my language, equals : fall products and clothing! So I got to try out a lot of fall products and have a ton of things I’ve been loving!


LUSH Santa’s LipScrub!

I don’t know if you guys have been introduced to LUSH yet, but I’ve recently become more and more obsessed with this store! It’s technically a cosmetics store with fresh products that are not tested on animals. They have amazing products, ranging from shampoos and face masks to bath bombs! I’ve always been a fan of their lip scrubs, and when they got the new scents, I had to grab Santa’s Lip Scrub. It’s an actual lip scrub that you apply, and it gets rid of any dead skin and makes your lips ultra-soft and hydrated! I definitely recommend that you guys check it out.

santa's lip scrub

L’orêal Infallible The Super Slim Eyeliner

I’ve been recently into wearing eyeliner a lot, and the L’orêal Super Slim eyeliner is perfect. It has a felt tip, which is great for doing a cat-eye or for clumsy eyeliner appliers *raises hand*. This also doesn’t mess up during the day but removes pretty easily with a good makeup remover. Also, the price is totally worth the product.

loreal felt tip

Benefit Dallas Blush

Benefit’s new boxed blushes have been getting a lot of hype, and I just had to check them out! I fell in love with their Dallas blush– it may sound skeptical, but it’s a super pretty color that shows up as a darker pink. I have tanned skin, so this blush seriously worked. It didn’t give me that bright, neon pink look I always get, but a soft, more glow-y look. The quality is amazing and totally worth it, and I suggest you guys check out all the boxed blushes!

dallas blush


Slouchy Cardigans

Since the weather’s been turning a little cooler recently, I’ve been wearing a lot of slouchy cardigans that come in super pretty colors- red and brown. Comfort chic!

Crew and Knee-High Socks

I absolutely love pairing crew or knee-highs with a pair of boots. It looks so cute and fall-like– I couldn’t resist grabbing a few from, yes, Urban Outfitters. I actually own the flowered crews as well as the knee-highs! I grabbed them on sale, and the quality is amazing. They are ultra soft and pretty!

crew socks


knee high


I’ve been into a lot of music lately, so I had to have a seperate category!

First off, let me just say that Counting Stars by One Republic has just been… oh my goodness! No words for how amazing that song is!

I know I’m so late, but I’ve also been into Imagine Dragons and especially one of their hits, Demons! Deep:)

The 1975 have also been a favorite band of mine, and I can’t choose just one song!

And, finally, Jay-Z’s new album, Holy Grail! Been listening to that a lot!

And now introducing a new part to the favorites! I found the ‘favorite questions’ online and decided to do them for fun!

Favorite iPhone App? Snapchat and Instagram!

Favorite book series? To many to count! I just read Allegiant (NO. WORDS.), House of Hades, and the Selection. Too many great books! Oh yeah, and of course, the Fault in Our Stars.

Favorite candle? Twisted Peppermint!

Favorite beverage? Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate.

So that’s it for my monthly favorites! Comment below telling me what you think– up next is a fall hall, but it might take a few days to create! Pinterest account update: I’m going to be creating a separate account for this website to make everything easier, launch date TBA. Also, November means NANOWRIMO month. As a proud participant for now four years, I’m happy to be doing it again! for those of you who don’t know NANOWRIMO, it’s a super cool organization for young writers encouraging us to write a whole novel in one month! Check it out!




I’m Back! + My Fall Must-Haves!

Hi guys, Nora here. Yes, I’m back, blogging, and better than ever! My lame excuse for not blogging recently is schoolwork, I wasn’t expecting the massive overload of homework and tests! I can’t make any promises, but I’ll try to blog as often as I can! In addition to me blogging again, my blog friend, Laurel, is also blogging again, so be sure to go check her out! All we need now is for CRocks to join us!

So, moving onto the beauty part of this blog: fall must-haves.

To be honest with you guys, I heart fall and winter so much. I just went on a total fall mall spree, and I decided to share with you guys my fall-must haves. One of my favorite fall stores is Urban Outfitters– everything is so awesome and fun. However, if you are not a teenager or younger, than I recommend Aeropostale.  Enjoy!

1. Tights

One of the most trending things for fall: cute patterned tights with shorter dresses! I love this look, especially with a pair of boots, and it’s very in for fall. I got a few pairs, and not only do they come in ah-mazing patterns, but they can keep you warm. This pair is from Urban Outfitters.

urban tights

2. Combat Boots

These boots are totally in for fall, and they are so cute! I opt to go for studded combats, and they’re perfect to throw in a bit of edge to any outfit. If you don’t want to take the time to lace-up, then there’s also zip-up. I’ve already grabbed a few from Charlotte Russe– you can get them online as two for 10! I thought this boot was so edgy and awesome for fall.

Combat Boots

And if you aren’t comfortable wearing something more edgy- which is totally understandable!- then you can rock some floral combat boots. Yes, those exist! They’re super-girly but are still fun and edgy for fall.

floral boot

3. Light Scarves

Fall is the perfect time to wear scarves not to protect you against the cold, but as a fashion statement! There are tons of fun light scarves out there, and wearing a bold scarf can totally make the outfit. The material on fashion scarves is pretty light, so you won’t get hot during the day, and are super cheap. I just got this one from Forever 21, and I totally love it! You can go for any pattern or color that you like!

floral forevr 21 scarf

4. Beanies

If you’re a hat person, good news. Beanies are back in! I’m personally a beanie fanatic, and I pride myself on having quite the decent collection. Not only are they fall-chic, but if you’re having a bad hair day, no problem. Cute hat, and you’re out the door!

the beanie

So that’s it for my Fall Must-Haves. I tried to incorporate some things for an edgy or girly style. I might possibly do a fall haul, like I did for summer, if requested. Next blog will definitely be a October Favorites!

Comment below any requests, and again, so terribly sorry for not blogging in the longest time! I’ll try for two a week possibly, but no promises!