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The After-Christmas Guide

I hope everyone who celebrated Christmas had a happy holiday! Around this time of year, everyone can’t help but get in the holiday spirit. Now that Christmas Day is over, the After-Christmas sales are in full swing, and everybody has been using their gift cards to grab on-sale items this season. I got a few requests via e-mail to make an after-christmas guide, and show you guys what awesome beauty deals or finds there are out there.

I haven’t done a complete beauty-related post in a while, so there is definitely a lot of new products out there!

Naked 3 Urban Decay Palette

The hype over this palette is unbelievable. The Naked Palettes have been instant hits, and this is their third palette, hence the name. The colors available are amazing– from soft, subtle pink tones to more glittery darker tones. This is a great palette for those of you just starting in makeup, because the shades are easy to apply and contrast. Even if you have been wearing makeup for a while and are experienced, this is a great palette to have on hand.

I admit it’s a bit on the pricey side, but if you have a Sephora gift card, it’s a great invest. The packaging is also lovely, and it comes with a handy two-sided basic brush.


Little Love Potions by Benefit

For those of you familiar with Benefit, you know that they are doing amazing holiday package-deals on their makeup sets. The Little Love Potions set contains eight of their best-selling products including the Porefessional and Hoola Blush, both of which I have tried and loved. Although they are small and more travel-sized, you’ll still get great use out of the products. The variety of products also gives you a lot of new things to try this holiday season!


Lorac Rockin’ Red Lip Gloss Collection

If you’re looking for some bold, fun lips for the wintertime, this lip gloss set from Lorac is amazing. I own their holiday set from last year, and trust me when I say they never run out. Not only are they good-quality (and non-sticky), amazing colors, and long-lasting, but they’re at a good price to. Again, a steal for this holiday season!


Josie Marin Bare Naked Peppermint Nail Wipes

If you’re into nails or are constantly painting your nails, these nail wipes will be your best friend. No more hassling with cotton pads and damaging nail polish remover, as  Continue reading



Staying Warm

I’ve decided to start blogging a little (read: a lot) more to make up for my long time gone! I’m actually pre-writing a bunch of posts for you guys so I can guarantee that there aren’t major gaps between posts. I’ve been trying a bunch of new ideas out, such as tags, OOTD’s, and so much more, so comment below with requests!

Today I’m going to focus on our mission in wintertime: staying warm! It has been getting insanely chilly lately, and that calls for us to bring out all of those scarves, mittens, hats, and to bundle up! But this year, I’m going to give you guys a bunch of tips on how to not look like Frosty the Snowman (love you, Frosty!) while staying warm.

Tip #1

Swap your massive, puffy coat for two slimmer ones instead. By wearing your leather jacket underneath your slightly bigger coat, you’re providing all warmth needed and still looking great. You won’t look all puffed out, and you have an extra jacket on you just in case. If it gets slightly warmer, you can always shed one of the two layers.

Tip #2

If you must wear snowboots, you can add a chic flair by wearing your favorite knee-highs. Never underestimate the power of a cute, warm sock to transform your snowboots. You can stay extra-warm and mix up your look. There are a bunch of knee-highs, varying from holiday-themed to solid button-ups.





Tip #3

Trapper hats are insanely cute hats that keep you warm during winter. The ear flaps keep your ears from freezing, and the fur provides extra comfort. The designs they come in are cute, with lots of patters and tassels!


Tip #4

A scarf is an amazing accessory. So many styles, prints, it goes on and on! I’ve rambled about scarves before, but I must point it out again: they’re warm, cute, and chic.

Those were my four tips to staying warm this season! I apologize for using the word ‘chic’ so often 🙂 Tell me how you keep warm and your favorite winter accessory! Don’t forget to leave feedback, follow, and like!



Winter! <3

I think we can all agree it’s winter! Over here where I live, it’s already snowed quite a few times! Of course, with winter, comes coziness, candles, and new fashion. I decided to devote an entire post to all things winter-related and show you guys what I love during wintertime. Tell me what you guys love in the comments!

What better way to make your room cozy than with candles? I absolutely heart Bath and Body Works’s winter scents, and my favorites are Twisted Peppermint and Tis the Season. They also came out with these adorable mason jars!


Casual sweaters are not only insanely comfy, but they’re also fun to wear. A major thing I like to do in winter is to layer, and you can easily put a collared blouse underneath a slouchy sweater for a fun look. There’s also a TON of fun patterns available everywhere! I loved these ones from Forever 21.

open knit






Like I said before, I love to layer in winter, and what better to layer on top of a fun tee than leather, sweater, or flannel jackets? I love it when the jackets have a mixed sleeve material in contrast to the rest of the jacket. For instance, a flannel jacket with leather sleeves and a leather hood. Amazingly chic.






For all of you hoodie and sweatpant lovers, your ultimate winter love: character-slash-comic sweatshirts. When paired with skinny jeans or leggings, boots, and a messy pony or bun, never underestimate the power of comfy.




Combat boots or UGGs? A question that we face. Every. Year. Last year, it was definitely UGGs, but this year, combat boots are getting way more appreciation. Let me just say that I’m one to be… not in the bandwagon. (Yes, guys, last year I was rocking combats while everyone was in UGGs… and can you guess? This year I’m into UGGs ;)) So I decided to include both, choose depending on your own style!



So that’s for my Winter Favorites. I kept this pretty short and picture-filled because I’ve been super busy lately 🙂 Promise longer posts soon! I also wanted to address comenting: I recently noticed a few followers commenting amazing, supernice things about me … just not on my blog. On my BFF’s blog, Laurel. Please understand I love your support, but please comment about my blog on my blog. You probably didn’t realize it, but you did hurt her feelings. Laurel is an awesome person, with an awesome blog. Please support her 🙂

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Black Friday Haul!

Yes, guys: Black Friday. Those two words literally drive us out of the door at one a.m. and give us this unlimited supply of energy. I got to visit a bunch of my favorite stores and get a few things for really awesome deals! While I do admit to getting quite a few things, I definitely did not go all-out crazy like most.

Before I start this out, let me just say that hauls are super-requested on this blog and my previous blogs which is the reason I’m doing this. I got all of this stuff on Black Friday with my own money, and please keep in mind the prices were much cheaper than usual. Otherwise, I would not have splurged this month! I was also in desperate need of a winter wardrobe. I honestly do these hauls because you guys love seeing my style and what I would buy.

I apologize for any bad quality pictures. If you guys would like any links to the things I bought, just e-mail me at . I’m going to do this by store! Bear with me!

Forever 21

It was insanely crowded, but so worth it! I grabbed a bunch of accessories.

photo 1

I’m not the person to go out and buy a lot of cases, but I fell in love with this owl case! I love the darker colors, which is great for fall, and it’s actually quite good quality. I’ve had it on my phone for a week straight.

photo 1

When I hear winter, ‘hats’ and ‘beanies’ immediately run through my head! I thought the colors were so light and pretty, especially the mint green and light blue. The material is also really thick, and keeps my head really warm.

photo 3

photo 4

I’ve just recently gotten into the whole scarves trend. I saw this pretty rose-patterned cream scarf and thought it would go with so many outfits. Although it is more spring and summer appropriate, it adds a pop of color to my outfits.


I have seriously been really into this store lately! The launch of Bethany Mota’s line is so close, and I can’t wait! I saw this casual heart wink sweater and immediately grabbed it. You can actually wear this in a lot of ways and play with the neckline, as you can wear it off the shoulder, a more open back, or normal.

photo 2

Abercombie and Fitch

Okay, so you all are probably thinking, Abercombie and Fitch? Insanely expensive. However, when I saw this coat, I decided to go ahead and grab it. It was a necessity, considering I have no winter coats, and it’s already snowing! Since it was 60% off, it seemed very practical. It’s a faded green, longer coat with both a zipper and light-and-dark brown buttons.

photo 2


It has two pockets that can both be buttoned as well as accessed from the sides (two pockets in one). There’s also two ties at the very bottom, and a slight waist. The details on this don’t make the coat just hang– it will cinch in for a figure.

photo 3

The inside is a matted fur, with some panels of velvet-material. There’s also an insanely useful inside pocket for headphones and your phone, to guarantee nothing gets damaged.

photo 4

One of my favorite parts about this coat is the hood. It’s lined with fur that’s almost ombrè– starting at a dark brown and becoming lighter near the tips. Another edgy detail is the buckle and paneling.

Overall, I just love this coat. It’s edgy, practical, and something that I personally love, which is most important.

Charming Charlie

Like I said from before, I’ve gotten into scarves. I decided to go ahead and get another one from Charming Charlie’s at half off. The print was actually really unique, with a floral script and a pink-themed ombrè. Also, although I don’t know if you guys can see, there is elastic sewn in to give it adorable ruffles.



Last on my list, I stopped really quickly into Ulta, which was insanely packed! I only got one item that I’ve had my eye on for a while– the new BC nail polish collection. It has a lot of cute winter colors, ranging from an opaque red sparkle to deep plum. I’ve tried BC’s nail polish before and loved both the colors and quality, and I’m looking forward to wearing these colors! It came with a total of 5 large nail polishes.

photo 5



That’s it for my Black Friday Haul! I hope you guys enjoyed seeing what I got. I personally love looking at hauls and other people’s styles. If you have any amazing deals you guys grabbed, feel free to comment and give us a link! Put requests for my next post and be sure to like this one. 🙂


I’m adding this in on December 10th. Due to internet problems, this did NOT upload on December 2nd with my November Favorites. I didn’t figure it out until today, and I apologize! I might still post my November Favorites, but it’s already a week and a bit into December… Tell me what you think!