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Long time, no blog guys! I’ve been sitting here catching up with both this blog and my personal blog (The Inside Life of Nora Brooks) before I fall back into another crazy week. Today I wanted to blog about some hairspiration for not only the end of winter but the coming spring! Although the snow outside of my window tells me otherwise, I’ve been playing with my hair recently and came across so many cool hairstyles that I’ve been trying out.

Braided ponytails are really easy for that lazy hair day, because it takes just a few minutes but looks like you spent so much more time on it. You can throw in a French or fishtail braid, or even braid the actual ponytail segment of your hair. This style looks great on anyone, and I use this especially on late school mornings. A trick to making a ponytail look even more professional is to take a piece of your hair, wrap it around the hair tie, and secure it in place.

Jennifer_Morrison_Ponytail       braid side ponytail hairstyle hero web

Just about anybody can twist or braid a section of their hair. Twist do’s and half-up half-down do’s can also be easy to do as well, and by adding in a twist or waterfall braid, you’re adding an elegant and simple touch. If you have leftover curls from the night before and don’t have time to restyle or take a shower, these styles look great. Brushed out hair, no matter how messy (as long as we don’t get bed-head crazy) looks cute with a twist or bow.

         enhanced-buzz-23505-1378751918-1                     enhanced-buzz-16333-1378667372-3

If you’re going out or attending a more formal event, or just want to have fun with your hair, these are definitely more time-consuming styles that have amazing detail. This braided updo is so sophisticated and detailed, but it definitely takes some practice. The last braid is absolutely adorable and so intricate, and almost looks like latticework or lace. If you are skilled at braiding, or have a friend who is, then definitely give these a try!

enhanced-buzz-6707-1378751671-2          174c8de0dd4ddbdd0b50fa95409f13cc


Let me know which styles are your favorites, and let me know if you guys give any of these a try! I’d love to do more hair-related posts in the future if you guys liked this one.



2 thoughts on “Hairspiration!

  1. My favorite is probably the first one. I’m going to try it for school tomorrow. I’m going to attempt the last one during the weekend. Thanks for all the inspiration, Nora!

  2. Ah I loved the first one, too! That is my definite go-to hairstyle, and the last one would be so cool if I could actually master it 😉 I promise I’m trying! Thanks, Isabella, it was a fun post to make!

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