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Spring Is All You Need!

Hey guys! So I was looking at past posts for some inspiration, and I realized I haven’t used Polyvore on this site in a while. For those who are new to my blog, Polyvore is an inspiration site that allows you to make collages of your favorite fashion and beauty pieces. They just added a new feature that allows you to select items from ‘stores’, such as PacSun or Forever 21. I love this site because it allows me to show you guys a whole range of new clothing items, and there are links so you guys can buy them or find them if interested. Plus, it’s an easy and fun site to use! 

I made a board titled ‘Spring Is All You Need’, and I put in everything I love about spring. I used clothing with a wide range of prices, so from Forever 21 and H & M to more expensive stores like Wildfox and Windsor. I also wanted to let you guys know about a new online jewelry store I found: Bauble Bar. They carry the cutest jewelry that is not only fun, but trendy, and even though it can be expensive, their jewelry is of great quality and lasts a long time. I recently ordered some jewelry from there, and I just thought it was one of my top new stores.

Be sure to check out the board, and let me know what you think!