Express Yourself

Fashion and Beauty

All About This Blog

This is Fashion: Express Yourself, a blog dedicated to the art of fashion and beauty. I’ve always believed that what you wear describes you, and that a girl looks beautiful when she feels herself. I have so much fun creating outfits, trying out makeup and blogging on this site. This site will have OOTD’s, monthly favorites, helpful guides, inspiration, and so much more.

A little bit more about me: I love to write, ever since I could come up with my own stories. Filling my thoughts onto an unfiltered page is my joy. I am also a big reader, and some of my favorite authors are JK Rowling, John Greene and Veronica Roth. I am just like anyone else out there and am hopeful that you have discovered and appreciated my blog.

To contact me via-email for inquiries, requests, or anything else, please email .

“Life isn’t finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself,” is one of my favorite quotes. From it, I adapted another quote.

“Fashion isn’t about following the trends, it’s about becoming your own unique style.”


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